Controversy as Kmart Australia launch modern same sex family dolls


Editor / November 01 2019

Image: Kmart

Image: Kmart


Kmart says: The $15 family play packs "Includes only 1 family set of 1 x baby stroller, 1 x picnic basket, 1x little girl doll , 1 x baby doll, 1 x pet, 2 x 29cm dolls and 8 x picnic food.

"Products are sold separately and come in various designs. We cannot guarantee which design you will receive as products are selected at random for online orders."

Meaning the family packs come with no guarantee of what gender you are buying.

The range available includes two male adult figurines or two female adult figurines or both male and female figurines.

Customers hoping to purchase the same-sex family will need to head in store to make their own selection to ensure the correct family representation is received.


Image: Kmart

Image: Kmart


Whilst the modern family play sets have received a huge amount of support from the a diverse range of parents and families, others are outraged.

“Good work Kmart! Glad that all children can finally buy a family set that represents themselves and their families. This is so so amazing!!”, said one on Facebook.

"Kmart, it seems, are selling White People Only Same-Sex Family Doll Sets,” wrote one on twitter.

"That is not a family, disgusting Kmart", wrote another on Facebook.

Image: Kmart

Image: Kmart


One thing is for sure there are bound to be very happy children this Christmas as there is finally a representation of modern families available.


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