How having kids affects your life expectancy

Well, there you go.

April 05 2023

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health having children can increase your life expectancy.

The study, which followed 1.4 million people in Sweden, found men and women aged 60, who have children, could expect to live another 18.4 and 23.1 years, respectively.

"This average life expectancy was 1.5 years higher than women who did not have children, and nearly 2 years higher than childless men," Live Science reports.

While the researchers don't have an answer as to why this is the case, they think it likely has something to do with having children to take care of them.

“The extra social and emotional support of adult children may mean the difference in quality health care, preventing elder abuse, encouraging an active lifestyle, and more,” reports Babble.

Similarly, an article published in The Independent this week, titled Your parents live longer the more time you spend with them, reports loneliness was a major factor for the decline of older people, adding that children who make the most time for their parents could be helping them to live longer.