Childs Farm Review: Aussie Mum road-tests on her daughter’s eczema

Aussie mum Carolyne Southern and her 4-year-old daughter Jasmine, who suffers eczema, signed up for a pre-launch trial to road test and review the Childs Farm children’s range. So would she rate it? The surprising results …

Real Mum Reviewer / February 14 2019

The Reviewers

Aussie mum Carolyne Southern and her 4-year-old daughter Jasmine.

“We live in South Australia and my daughter enjoys an active lifestyle - exposing herself to lots of activities that flare her eczema such as playing on grass, swimming in chlorine pools and general outdoor play."

Childs Farm products reviewed?

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Skin deep: Eczema & sensitive issues

“Our whole family have sensitive skin and we try to use products that are suitable for sensitive skin, but we still have recurring skin conditions regardless of what we have tried.

At Jasmine’s childcare we have had to avoid soaps, water play with commercial bubble bath products and other activities that have made her skin condition so sore she’s been in pain.”

Farmyard friends: How did you find out about Childs Farm products?

“A friend of mine who has recently returned from the UK told me about Childs Farm as she’d been using it for years. I’d never had it shipped over but when I heard they were launching in Australia I jumped at the chance to give it a go.

I applied to join a product trial program they were running and became one of the first families to get the products.

I had heard a lot about how good they were for little ones with sensitive skin and as my daughter often has breakouts of dry patches and eczema I wanted to see if it might work for us. My poor daughter was missing out on bubble baths and we were very keen to try it to see if she could start having them again."


Hair Today, gone tomorrow: How did 3 in 1 swim help Jasmine's hair and skin?

I’ve seen a huge difference in my daughter’s hair since we started using the 3 in 1 Swim -there’s not a single knot after swimming, whereas previously we used to battle to get a comb through it. It has removed all the build up of chlorine she had, which was starting to turn the tell-tale sign of going green. It has smoothed her hair so nicely and her hair has returned to her beautiful honey brown colour.”


Eczema treatment: Did the Childs Farm products help?

“Jasmine also has bad sensitivity to soap and was suffering with bad eczema on her hands, arms and legs. Using a combination of the body wash products and moisturiser has really helped reduce her dry patches. She loves her routine now and makes sure she’s covered top to toe as she even feels the difference. She even insists on apply it all herself, and often makes sure mum and dad are also well moisturised.

“Since starting to use the 3 in 1 Swim, the bubble bath and moisturiser nightly we haven’t had any new outbreaks! She also loves to use the products because they smell so sweet and fruity.

“I’ve also been using it on my own eczema areas which have also completely gone. I usually get patches in my arm bends and behind my knees in summer. It’s embarrassing as I need to wear long shirts and trousers. This will be the first summer in ages I’ve had no eczema!

Secrets out: Would Carolyne recommend it to other mums? 

“I’ve shared our success in online parenting groups where several of the group also applied to join the trial program, some successfully. I would definitely recommend it to as many parents as I can.

Star power: Carolyne's verdict

"5 stars for sure!"