Bride-to-be demands bridesmaids spend more than $4000 because it's her day


July 26 2019

A woman has relived a bride-to-be's meltdown after forcing her wedding attendees to fork out more than AUD4,000.

The anonymous woman re-told the story of her friend's wedding, which took place in the Napa Valley, on Reddit.

She said the bride was in her mid-30s and self-obsessed.

"When I saw her announcement on Facebook I remember thinking, 'Well this is going to get entertaining', and I settled in to watch the drama unfold because it was inevitable," she wrote.

She was right, with an over-the-top engagement party kicking off 10 months of mayhem.

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First, her attendants were told to go dress shopping with her, then shoe and accessories shopping.

Once she found her own perfect ensemble, her guests had to go shopping for themselves.

For her bachelorette party, she planned a week-long stay in the Napa Valley in California, complete with limo rentals and wine tasting.

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What she didn't consider, however, was the extreme price it was costing her guests.

Her best friend of 20 years piped up and told her enough was enough.

But, without an iota of sympathy, the bride retorted: "This is my day and I'm the only one that matters!"

Fast forward a few hours, and the bride kicked her out of the wedding and told her she never wanted to see her again.

Another bridesmaid followed her out the door.

The bride and her husband's ceremony went ahead anyway, with guests asked to leave cash to fund a $15,000 honeymoon as opposed to physical gifts.

They received only $1325.

The Reddit user says they've now been married a few years and have just bought a house, but at the price of an expensive wedding and a life-long friend.

This story originally appeared on 7news.

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