The Glad Wrap Christmas Party Game - the family game that’s gone viral!

This is so much fun!

November 16 2020


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It’s basically a lot like a pass-the-parcel game, but instead of using wrapping paper you use cling wrap - and instead of music, you roll dice to work out when you move on to the next player (see full directions below) .

To make the Glad Wrap Christmas Ball, you start by lining up about 20 Christmas gifts - anything from festive trinkets to lollies and treats, making sure to keep your best gift aside for the centre of the ball so that the winner gets the best prize. 



You then place the best item in the middle - many choose a $10 or $20 note - and then wrap the cling wrap around it several times until it is well covered. Some suggest cutting the wrap into different sized strips and alternating direction, to make it harder to unravel so the game lasts longer. 

You then keep adding in gifts, continuing to wrap it with cling wrap as you go, until all the trinkets have been used up and the ball is the size of a basketball!

To watch full instructions, watch this awesome video here!



Once you’ve made your ball, you just play the game with your family and friends - see directions below. And the best part is, you can customise the balls to make the gifts for kids only or adults only and be as creative as you’d like! Love it!

How the Glad Wrap Christmas Party Game works!

1. The first person with the ball starts unwrapping while the person on their right rolls a pair of dice, trying to roll doubles.

2. The person with the ball DOESN’T stop unwrapping until the person next to them rolls doubles. This creates lots of urgency and suspense!

3. Once doubles are rolled, the ball is passed to the next player and the sequence begins again.

4. While the person to their right is trying to roll doubles, the person unwrapping the ball gets to keep whatever treasure falls out of the ball.

5. To work out who starts with the ball, takes turns rolling the dice - the first person to get a six starts!

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