Outraged Mum SUES nanny for $10,000 for secretly feeding newborn formula


Content Editor / March 11 2019

Mum of one Lynn Wojton is suing her former nanny for $10,000, claiming she secretly fed her newborn baby formula in the middle of the night against her wishes.

Lynn’s doula, Marcia Chase-Mitchell, slept in the same room as the baby and was under instruction to wake mum up so she could give her breastmilk when the baby needed feeding.

However, she started feeding the baby formula instead, saying she believed formula was a better choice. Later she changed her story and said it was because it was “less work” and she wanted more sleep.

After the doula didn’t wake up Lynn on the third night, she allegedly confessed to feeding the baby formula, papers claim.

The new mum, who wanted her baby to be exclusively breastfed, was understandably unhappy.

“I was very upset,” Wojton, 37, told The Post. “This is not what I wanted — this is not what I want — for my baby. I cried for an hour, honestly.”

It was not the first time had disagreed about the best way to care for the baby, however, with Lynn claiming that the doula had clashed with her on everything from nappy changing to bathing.

“If I didn’t change the diaper the way she thought was best, she would criticise me the whole time,” Lynn said. “It makes you second-guess yourself. You’re a new mother and this is all very new.”

Lynn says she has since found a new nanny and that she and her daughter – who is now six months old – are doing fine.

“I’m in a good place now, but I still get upset,” Lynn said.

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