Fat Mum Slim Reviews Maggi’s Wholegrain 2 Minute Noodles - Do they cut the mustard with kids?

Aussie Mummy-blogger, Chantelle Ellem (AKA Fat Mum Slim) has oodles to say – especially when it comes to noodles. Here’s what happened when she dished up Wholegrain 2 Minute Noodles to her kids …

Practical Parenting Parenting Reviews Editor / February 18 2019

Chantelle Ellem, otherwise known as Fat Mum Slim, has partnered with Maggi for their back-to-school campaign, and says their Wholegrain 2 Minute Noodles are just the ticket to keep the kids bellies satisfied and avoid afterschool meltdowns.

Here, Chantelle answers PracticalParenting.com.au’s tough questions and reviews those magic noodles…

Hey Chantelle, tell us a bit about yourself?

“I’m Chantelle, the Aussie blogger and mum behind Fat Mum Slim. My blog honestly details the trials and joys of parenthood, where the occasional mishaps and messes are celebrated, because it's life, right?!”

And what is your Maggi connection?

“I've recently partnered with MAGGI for their back to school campaign, helping parents make it through this time of year... stress-free. Emotions are high, particularly in our household with my baby Lulu starting school and whilst I am feeling emotional, I am sure proud and excited for my little buddy. For me, this year will be all about staying connected as a family.”

Noodles don’t typically make the ‘healthy shopping list’…

“I know many of us are sometimes wary of noodles, however I believe everything in balance – they are a great way to get kids eating more veggies and protein too!

“By trialling and testing the product, I've learnt loads about noodles that I didn't already know... Did you know that by adding plenty of colourful vegetables and lean protein, noodles can bring versatility, variety and extra nutrition into a meal? MAGGI 2 minute noodles are also made with the goodness of whole grains and are a source of fibre, perfect for keeping kiddies tummies fuller for longer – especially get for extra hungry kids.”

How do you use Maggi’s Wholegrain 2 Minute Noodles in your home?

“With the return to school, quick afternoon snacks and simple dinners (but tasty) become ever-so-important. Time is precious so keeping organised and getting the kids involved making them somewhat accountable can help with a smooth transition back-to-school.

“I love cooking with my daughters. By cooking with the kids I get to spend quality time with them and they learn a new skill. Soon they will be able to assist with making their own meals - win, win!”

Do MAGGI Wholegrain 2 Minute Noodles cut the mustard with kids?

 “Absolutely! When I see my kids enjoying food which is nutritious and fuels their bodies and minds, it's a big YES from me. As a busy mum, they've saved me many a time when I’m overtired and need to whip up something quick smart after school – Lulu loves noodle nuggets, it’s a great savoury alternative to making sweet treats.”

The verdict

“They get the tick of approval and a 5 out of 5 from me!”

Franki Hobson is a women’s lifestyle journalist and editor with more than twenty years’ experience. Her areas of expertise include parenting and health and well-being. Franki has two gorgeous boys, Maxwell, 10, and Louis, 1 ½.